The roadie-oh, smiling because Miss Brooks just disrobed.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Total Nonstop Action proudly presents to you, an ex-WWF wrestler who used to make money as a TAG TEAM CHAMPION OF THE WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRLD! Since then B to the G to the Jizzle and his comrade K to the I to the Pizzle spend all their time in wrestling trying to hang, but Jeff Jarrett just won't let them into his gang.

B.G. Fun Facts Edit

  • In his wrestling career he's been a country music singer, a wannabe rapper, and allegedly even a member of D-Generation X - neither HBK or Hunter would recognize him if they passed him on the street though.
  • Was once the cracker third of a multi-racial tag team and (maybe) coincidentally the worst wrestler of the bunch.
  • Was thought to be the best promo man in that group, but couldn't even hold a candle to Konnan.
  • Jarrett keeps him on the payroll in case he ever decides to bring back the ROADIE gimmick.
  • Currently lives in a swamp in New Orleans with Roxxi Laveaux.
  • Is a huge fan of Will Smith.

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