Known for his back-knee and whacky facial hair Austin Aries burst in the ROH in 2004. He would go on defeat future BERRIED Hall of Famer, Samoa Joe, for the ROH World Championship Of The World. After losing the ROH belt to another future BERRIED Hall of Famer, CM Punk, Aries would soon get the call up to TNA. The call up being an internet poll. 70% of the internet people said "YES" so he was brought into TNA.

TNA Highlights Edit

  • Fought for the love of Kevin Nash
  • Tapped to the legend, the icon, the showstopper, the headliner, Bob Backlund
  • Suspended for 90 days in 2006 for making a TNA PPV on time when the company did not think he would.
  • Suspended for 90 days in 2007 for reading the F4W TNA wikipage and agreeing with it.
  • Signed with ROH, a company that understands the word "profit," unlike his former employer

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