I'm gonna cut your nappy head four diff'rent ways
Long, short, deep and wide
When I get through usin' my black-handled razor
You know you're gonna take a ride
I'm gonna cut A B C D
In the top of your head
That's gonna be treatin' you nice
And you ain't gonna be dead
I'm gonna cut E F G
Right across your face
That where runnin' takes place
I'm gonna cut L M N
'Cross both of your arms
You gonna sell shoestrings and pencils
Your whole life long
I'm gonna cut O P Q
That means trouble to you
I'm gonna grab you too and turn you
Ev'ry way but loose
I'm gonna cut R S T
Just to hear you cry
That's the last time tears
Are gonna run from both of your eyes
I'm gonna cut U V W
On the bottom of your feet
And that's the last time you'll walk down
Thirty-fifth Street
I'm gonna mark you 'cross your bosom
With X Y Z
When I get through with alphabet
You'll stop messin' with me


Purportedly inspired Chris Benoit slightly.

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