THE GAY COMMUNITY~???~!!!?~!?!?~!!~?~!Edit

Mainly attributed to his looks.

Was known as the "face of TNA" despite the fact that he was often overlooked in favor of WWE castaways.

Called Disco Inferno a faggot and chased him with a chainsaw.

Spanked the monkey with local midget in a trashcan

Reinvigorated his career by getting a Beiber bowlcut and acting all "edgy maaaaaaaaaan"

Eventually got fired by TNA after they decided that Tyrus was more valuable.

Went to NJPW and got his fame back by riding the coattails of Finn Balor's stable.

Became the face of the company despite having all the charisma of a wet mop.

Can do 20 versions of the armbar, therefore, he is the best wrestler in the world - IWC

Now in WWE, where he was shoehorned into the main event picture so fast, that even Alberto Del Rio was stunned.

Despite being put on a pedestal, the IWC believes he's BERRIED.


AJ Styles is stunned

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